praen Simson, Rabbinus Architectonicae et Geometriae peritissimus, omnes sui temporis in Germania Iudaeos divitiis superavit, obiit Anno Aet. 80. Millenarii VI. Anno 346. iuxta supputationem R. Dav. Ganz in Chronoo. Iudaeorum sub Templo II.

Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. 1698.

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  • Günzburg (surname) — Günzburg is a surname of Bavarian origin.History of the nameThe Günzburg ( ru. Гинзбург, Гинцбург Ginzburg , Gintsburg ; גינזבורג) family originated in the town of Günzburg, Bavaria. It is believed that the family went there from the city of Ulm …   Wikipedia

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